Ford RMA Thailand Wins Record Ford President Club Awards 2021

March 5th, 2022 – Ford RMA recorded its highest number of awards at the annual Ford President Club Award 2021. The Ford President Club Award is one of Ford Motor Company’s most prestigious awards and recognizes Dealers who have achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction in their respective Customer Viewpoint Group.

In total 61 Ford RMA staff from Rama 4, Rama 5 and Kallapapruk branches received awards in various categories.

Eleven dealers were awarded in Dealer Principal award category and Ford RMA General Manager Pipatphol Aunnapirugz (Paul), Pattanan Rachatatanawat, Head of Sales Kallaprapruk branch and Walaipat Tongapiwat General Aftersales Manager Rama 5 branch received their award from Yukontorn (Vickie) Wisadkosin President, ASEAN and Asia Pacific Direct Markets (APDM).

Seventeen Ford RMA staff were ranked in the top three in their respective categories. Congratulations go out to:

  • Kanyanee Chancham, General Sales Manager Kallaprapruk branch – GM Platinum Top 2
  • Santi Sudbangkung, Sales Manager, Kallaprapruk branch – SM Platinum Top 2
  • Sonthaya Toopprasit, Sales Manager, Kallaprapruk branch – SM Platinum Top 3
  • Puntari Kemajaree, Sales Team Manager Kallaprapruk branch SS Platinum Top 2
  • Puttipong Saeng-In, Product Specialist Rama 5 branch. PS Platinum Top 2 award
  • Arnon Sukantakul Product Specialist, Kallaprapruk branch PS Platinum Top 3 award
  • Narumon Sangchai, Corporate Sales Manager Rama 5 branch. FS Platinum Top 1 award
  • Nawinee Chookaew Kallaprapruk branch. Local Marketing Manager Platinum Top 3 award
  • Sukit Nima, Service Manager, Rama 4 branch Service Manager Top 2 award
  • Nopporn Chaengthad, Service Manager, Kallaprapruk branch Service Manager Top 3 award
  • Wittaya Sanlue and Apichat Nakbua, Senior Parts, Kallaprapruk branch and PPS Platinum award
  • Sajja Rachapolsitte, Parts Manager, Kallaprapruk branch PPM Platinum Top 1 award
  • Soonthorn Soijit, Sales Consultant, Kallaprapruk branch SC Platinum Top 2 award

ADC Blood Donation Activity

Chonburi, March 11th, 2022 – RMA Automotive ADC staff took themselves to the local department of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to participate in a blood donation drive. The event was conducted together with the Thai Red Cross Society. Twenty ADC employees donated several liters of whole blood in the knowledge that their contributions will be used for the emergency treatment of patients across the country, as well as in red blood cell and plasma donations for a range of medical conditions and treatments.

Donating blood is easy, safe and mostly painless. The average adult has around five liters of blood in their body. When donating whole blood which is the traditional donation method, the target is to collect 500ml, but a minimum of 460ml is taken due to dosage requirements and necessary anticoagulant additive mix proportions. This volume represents approximately 10% of a donor’s blood supply. Donors may give whole blood as often as every 8 weeks, double red cells every 16 weeks, and platelets every 7 days.

Ford President and Senior Executives Visit Ford RMA, Thailand

Bangkok, March 29th, 2022. RMA Group welcomed Dianne Craig, President of Ford Blue International Markets Group to RMA’s City Motors Rama 4 showroom. Accompanying Dianne were senior Ford executives Yukontorn Wisadkosin President, ASEAN and Asia Pacific Direct Markets (APDM),  DJ Simpson Managing Director APDM and Wichit Wongwatthanakan Managing Director, Ford Thailand.

Kevin Whitcraft, CEO RMA Group, Chris Manly, Chief Operating Officer RMA Group, and Pipatphol (Paul) Aunnapirugz Managing Director, City Motors hosted the visitors from Ford, taking them on a facility tour followed by an interactive open dialogue discussion.    

Dianne oversees Ford operations in over 100 countries across Africa, ASEAN, India, the Middle East and Australia and New Zealand. The operations include both dealers and distributor markets.

Having recently relocated to Thailand, Dianne has been extensively engaged including launching Next-Gen Ford at the Bangkok International Motor Show and extended factory visits at both of Ford’s manufacturing plants. Celebrating over 25 years in Thailand, Ford is one of the largest automotive investors in Thailand with over USD3.4 billion invested to date.

RMA Group’s Ford operations are spread across Southeast Asia, with dealerships in Thailand, distribution in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia and managed markets in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

Based in Bangkok, Dianne is strategically located to drive Ford’s business operations while working especially closely with partners RMA Group in Thailand, across Southeast Asia and beyond.